Good Shooting Guide


Now you have decided to join in the 90 Second Challenge, how will you go about making your piece? These pages provide some help and advice on things you may like to think about. New resources will be added throughout the year so do keep coming back, in the meantime use the Forum to discuss your ideas and request help.

BBC Good Shooting Guide

Specifically tailored for people taking the 90 Second Challenge, Watershed has teamed up with the BBC to bring you a comprehensive filmmaking guide used by the BBC's own directors.

The Good Shooting Guide uses a combination of masterclasses with industry experts, examples, exercises, guides and tools. You can do the whole course, brush up on a single topic e.g. white balance, or solve a
specific problem e.g. my sound needs improving.

Launch the Good Shooting Guide by clicking here.

An overview of what's covered:

Before you shoot

Getting the picture you want

Getting the sound you want

Preparing for the edit

How long is the course?

The whole course takes just over two hours, but you can dip in and out of any of its twenty topic pages to learn something specific.

What do I need?

You'll need either a PC or Apple computer with fast internet access and speakers. If you don't have one at home, drop into Watershed to use one of PCs free of charge.

Making films on a mobile phone

This resource is for a Nokia phone on a Windows PC. (download PDF)

Write, Plan, Shoot, Edit

Here are some documents to download which run through the basic stages when making a film:

Write – Define your idea in words & images (download PDF)

Plan – make sure it can happen (download PDF)

Shoot – capture your piece (download PDF)

Edit – refine it to ensure it appeals to the intended audience (download PDF)

Show – what are the reactions of the audience? Test it on your friends and family, if needs be, go back and re-edit until you are happy.

The 12 Shots of Christmas - Techniques

Paul Appleby made the 12 Shots of Christmas in Bristol over the festive period.

View the 12 Shots of Christmas

Read the director's tips on the different techniques used in the piece (download PDF)

Making media for the internet

For more information on how to ensure your piece is suitable for display on the web visit:

Plug-in Cinema’s Film School

Plug-in Cinema Filmmaking for the Internet notes

Mesh’s Tech pages containing overviews of animation for the web