Good Shooting Guide

Gone in 90 seconds

by Paddy Uglow

What happens to your film once it arrives at Watershed? This fast-paced film made by Watershed staff shows some of the work involved, with the help of a soundtrack inspired by a certain TV gameshow!

Clare receives the films and forms, and hands them on to Paddy. He copies them onto a dual 2Ghz processor Apple G5, and converts them using Sorensnon compression into 3 sizes to go online. Thumbnails are created using Quicktime Pro and Photoshop.

Benjamin created the web application and dShed database, into which Paddy enters a detailed description of the film, contact details for the filmmaker, and details of the 3 file sizes and the thumbnail image. The files are renamed (Renamer4Mac), uploaded to the web server (Fetch FTP), and backed up along with a master copy on Watershed’s 1000GB backup server. The films take up about 60,000 MB.

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