Good Shooting Guide

Ice and Fire

by Paddy Uglow

All very apocalyptic as the familiar world flickers and shifts through seasons of colour and mood, from blackness to a blow-torch bright tunnel of light. Is it about nature, or technological destruction, birth or death? Or a load of arty rubbish? You decide.

For ages I’d been meaning to make a timelapse film of the sunrise. I tend to wake up early, and winter seemed a good time to catch the whole thing without being up at 4am. I pointed a Pentax EI2000 camera out of the open window and set it shooting…

When I looked at the pictures later I found they looked awful, and I realise the camera had misted up inside the lens. So I tried it again another day, keeping the camera in the cold room overnight. Still pretty misty, but good enough. It was a pleasant surprise, when the sun had risen, to look out and find I'd managed to choose the only snowy day of the year. The 364 stills fitted nicely into 45 seconds, so I reversed it for the second half, which is when the arty ideas started coming.

Coming up with a soundtrack took a while and a few failed attempts until I put together some copyright free samples. I hope the effect is suitably spooky.

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