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Documentary portraiture project by photographer John Frederick Anderson.


Community photography project based in inner city Bristol


Visual art, photography, poetry, decorate eggs, poetry and prose from a Steiner community.


Photographic and cultural exchange project involving young people from Bristol and Oporto.


A collection of music, movies, animations and more by young people participating in creative digital media projects at Watershed.


Visual art, poetry, theatre performance and film made by artists with learning difficulties.


Digitised: Communities Online was a web publishing initiative which took place in 2003 and 2004. It extended Watershed’s work with sections of the community without access to digital technology. The success of the project can be seen through the wide variety of work available through the project links on this page.

Content was collected, converted to digital formats, archived and published by the Digitisation Team at Watershed over two years, creating six online galleries of photography, paintings, poetry, prose, performance, music, animation and short film.

Learning Resources have been provided to accompany the creative material; these were designed by teachers and other education practitioners to accompany the creative material and enable further engagement with each individual project. All the published materials are freely accessible online; locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for educational use.

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