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VJ movie1 - Taz

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This is a self-generative bit of music basically. We wrote a program, sampled everyone in the room, people blowing into the microphone, stuff like that, and then what it did was it played eight copies of that, and then it pitch-shifted them, so it played them at different rates. You can choose which bits to loop and which bits not to loop and constantly build up an ever-changing structure, but you're not exactly in charge wholly of the structure; the song basically makes itself up due to the software that we used. So that's basically how it was made.

Taz went off in town and took loads of pictures of geometric shapes, reflections and bricks and stuff like that, basically with the idea of putting the two together.

I was thinking "Why does he want to get footage of bricks and bits of the floor? What's wrong with this guy?". And it just goes to show, doing these workshops is such a two-way process; I'm thinking "this is completely not my sensibility whatsoever" and then you get it back and get onto the computer and you start seeing stuff happening with the music, and you start thinking in different ways about what's possible.

Nathan (IATMJ)