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As in Adam and Eve. He's looking at himself and thinks he's an extraordinary creature because he has blood. And there's a tree, the tree of knowledge. He wasn't supposed to eat the fruit from the tree but he did. So it represents trust, God trusted Adam not to eat the fruit but Adam betrayed the trust. So God chucked Adam out of the Garden of Eden and in the picture he's just about to leave. That's what the black bit in the corner is. He's thinking; God's turned me into a unique creature. Because in a way we are unique; not like animals, because our habitat is completely different. We live in houses, we eat with knives and forks and plates and that, and we ain't naked.

adam genesis bible adam and eve apple good and evil the fall of man woman hand abstract reach tree garden god the lord expelled thrown out

These are some of my animations and some paintings I have done. I've got a lot of technical skills from the course and the confidence to go out and get a job.