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Equipment and software for VJs and VJ workshops


ArKaos VJ authoring tool offers professional VJs, installation and event artists the ability to work with their own image and movie files along with loads of different effects and sequences.

Digital Village

This link will take you directly to Digital Villages’ online store that features a vast amount of different VJ and digital music software packages with plenty of info about each product.

I Am The Mighty Jungulator

Jungulator is a piece of software that fuses DJ and VJ tools with
sophisticated ‘generative algorithms’ that allow the software to take
creative decisions itself. You can listen to it online and download free
demo versions from this newly redesigned site, which also includes
information and images of Jungulator artist-led workshops.
Follow the fireflies!


Resolume is an application for live video performances. Trigger video clips, Flash files, and pictures. Scratch and apply real-time effects and become a superstar VJ! View footage of work produced using this software. There is a 15-day trial version of the software that can be downloaded free from the site.


Robotfunk is the website of freelance multimedia programmer / interaction designer, Jilt van Moorst. Robotfunk also appear live with an audiovisual performance where music is combined with visuals, using both off-the-shelf software and instruments. The site includes a demo download of the VJ software used at events - Flowmotion.

Sound Control

Sound Control is the largest musical retailer in the UK. This site contains a huge amount of different instruments, software and hardware. Very informative if you want to get an idea of what equipment you’ll need for VJing and all music projects!


VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for Windows to undertake fast, linear operations over video. VirtualDub was created for quick capture-and-encoding; from there it’s grown into a more general utility that can trim and clean up video before exporting to tape or processing with another program. Software can be downloaded free and support is available by email.


VJamm is an audio visual sampler for use with MIDI or normal PC keyboard and mouse. In partnership with Coldcut, VJamm was first released in 1999 on Ninja Tune. This original version of VJamm is still available from the Ninja VJamm web site, where there is a demo version to try before you buy.

VJamm has been further developed into VJamm 2.5 Pro, a real time audio visual sample player featuring extremely fast response times via OpenGL and DirectSound, MIDI support and 16 simultaneous channels of AV with live effects. It is sold direct to AV professionals through this website.


Zuma is a 3D VJ program that can create interactive music videos that respond to your music in real time, and can also interact with MIDI based musical instruments. Zuma includes a library of over 60 scenes complete with models and textures to start you off. Visuals can be edited and customized to go with your own songs. There is a free downloadable demo version available.