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Music and dance projects, agencies and funding bodies

Association of National Dance Agencies

Nine English National Dance Agencies form the membership of ANDA, each agency being based in a different regional arts board area in England. ANDA encourages the development of a vibrant and diverse range of dance activities with a cohesive national significance and exists as a forum for discussion, exchange of information and networking. Follow links on this site to find out what’s happening in the world of dance throughout England.

Community Music Wales

Creative music making is central to Community Music Wales and its objectives. Community Music Wales provides trained and experienced community tutors, equipment, advice and support to give people the opportunity to write, play, record or perform their own music.


Dance UK works with and on behalf of dance; teachers, choreographers and dancers, to provide information, publications, networks, forums for debate and conferences, and speak out for dance as an artform.

Drake Music Project

From hip-hop to classical, jazz to rock and roll, the Drake Music Project is a national charity that is committed to providing the opportunity for disabled people to explore, compose and perform all types of music.

Impact Arts

Based in Glasgow, this community arts project works across many artforms, including music, and has worked with bands in schools and communities across Glasgow.

Music and the Deaf

Music and the Deaf is a national charity, which has opened up the enjoyment of all forms of music and the performing arts to the hearing-impaired community, and works with schools to deliver the music national curriculum to young deaf pupils.

Music for Youth

Music for Youth is an educational charity with a worldwide reputation for its work in music education. It provides free access to educational and performance opportunities for all kinds of groups of young musicians and audiences through a nationwide series of festivals and concerts.

National Foundation for Youth Music

Youth Music is a national charity set up to provide high quality and diverse music making for the 18 and under age group. It targets young people living in areas of social and economic need who might otherwise lack opportunity. You can find out what’s happening in your area and all about Youth Music Action Zones on this site.

Planet Sound

Planet Sound Community Arts, based in North Staffordshire are an artist-led group who work with schools and the local Youth Music Action Zone - they have organised many projects, events and training courses involving music, vocals, drumming, dancing and DJing to enhance the skills and enjoyment of the local community of diverse musical cultures.


Bristol and Gloucester Youth Music Action Zone, set up in 2002, to provide a wide range of music-making opportunities for under 18’s. So whether you’re into rock, R&B, samba, folk, punk, or if you’re an aspiring DJ, songwriter, guitarist, performer, or want to start a band, produce a CD, or work with world-class musicians, REMIX is the place for you. For further info on Youth Music Action Zones go to the National Foundation for Youth Music.

The Foundation for Community Dance

The Foundation for Community Dance is the national development agency for community dance in the UK. It works for the development of community dance, and for greater access to high quality community dance for all.