Participants of the VJ workshops were young people in Bristol at risk of exclusion from mainstream education, working with various organisations such as Connexions West of England under the Positive Activities for Young People initiative, also with BYCA, (Bristol Youth Community Action) through the Bristol Youth Offenders Team. During all workshops young people were supported by key workers from the Youth Offending Team or Connexions West of England, plus members of Watershed staff who were police checked

Workshop 1 > pilot workshop led by I Am The Mighty Jungulator
Jakey Applebee, Timothy Barsby, Cyrus Bayandor, Claire Davies, Aditi Horsburgh, David Horsburgh, Matthew Lennon, Dean Noble, Beth Penrose, Michelle Randall, Jonathan Rich, Colin Spottiswoode.

These young people who wanted to explore digital music making, image manipulation and VJing were invited to attend the initial VJ workshop, as a pilot for the rest of the project. This was set up through Remix, the Bristol and Gloucester Youth Music Action Zone, the Hope Centre, Hotwells, Bristol, St. Mary Redcliffe & Temple School and Connexions West of England.

Workshop 2 > led by I Am The Mighty Jungulator
Anthony Fisher, Anthony Knutton, Alex Knutton, Mark Rose, Taz Smith, Hicham Tellar, Liam Tudor.

These young people were identified by BYCA (Bristol Youth Community Action), part of Bristol Youth Offending Team which is made up of workers from a range of organisations including the city council, the police, the health service and the probation service.

BYCA aims to prevent young people from offending or re-offending by developing consistent and effective responses to youth crime and developing strong partnerships across the city to help prevent offending. BYCA supports a range of activities and projects for young people including the Positive Activities for Young People initiative, set up by Connexions, which aims to develop young people’s interests, talents and education, and engage them in community activities so they are less likely to commit crime. Activities based on arts, sport and culture take place both during the school holidays and out of school hours throughout the year.

Workshop 3 > led by
Steven Coriah, Tom Ford, Lee Goddard, Simone Grant, Katrina Miell, Naisha Penkney, Ricky Singh, Haile Smith, Lee Smith, Sam Thomas, CT, John Tucker, Simon Westlake.

These participants are part of the Positive Activities for Young People, an initiative aimed at young people at risk of exclusion, aged 8 - 19 set up by Connexions.

The aim of the programme is to provide young people at risk with the support, guidance and opportunity to undertake positive activities they need to avoid offending and to fulfil their true potential in education, training or employment. Through the initiative young people have access to high quality arts, sports and cultural activities, and those who have developed a talent or interest in these areas are enabled to continue after the programme has ended.

Outcomes for young people should include personal development, confidence building, participation in activities, attendance in appropriate education, employment or training leading to learning of new skills, reduction in criminal activity and encouraging young people to play a positive role in the local community.