'Marc Quinn's The Kiss' by Jacky Long

He means the man loves his partner

So he kisses her

He puts his lips to hers and they kiss.

He wanted to show two disabled people

Have the right to do that

It’s how the world should carry on

If you love somebody.

Not being stopped, being free to kiss

Rodin wanted to show that a kiss is beautiful, wonderful

Marc Quinn wants to show that human beings are beautiful

I think it’s everyone showing their feelings

To each other

If it is love you show it

You shouldn’t be stopped

Like it has been in the past for disabled people.

We were brought on this earth to show our feelings, our love to one another

Not to be stopped

Because other people don’t think you’ve got the sense to love

With art, my art and Marc Quinn’s art

You change people’s attitudes towards us:

They should let us kiss.