'If only I could be myself' by Alan Marshall

The teacher taught us to make a meal

Me and Stephen and Richard

We tasted it

We took it home afterwards

Mum was pleased with me

They taught us to wash up

Cleaning tables

Hygiene, I can’t remember

And ironing my chef’s clothes

That is what I learned

I went to college for lots of weeks

Then when I was finished Steve and I went for a drink with my old man

My chef’s clothes, a white hat, a white jacket

Mum folded up and put them away

Maybe I will wear them again

When Mum doesn’t want to cook

It was training to get a job

But I haven’t got one yet.

Best of all I’d like to be an actor

On films

Like Burt Reynolds, we have the same moustache

And the same colour hair and skin

I’d be a detective

I’d carry a gun in a holster

I’d wear a badge

I’d get the pretty woman

Lovely, blonde, long long legs

I’d be a film star

But it is not real, it is only acting

So I watch the Burt Reynolds film after Eastenders

And I dream of what I could be

If I could only be myself.