'Bullying' by Alan Marshall

The big lads from the different school

Making fun of me pulling faces


Thumbs on noses

Poking out tongues

Calling me mental, spastic, headcase

They beat me up no reason

A gang of them

And just one of me, Alan.

I was only that big.

I went to the Bush Special School

I was disabled and they were all bigger than me

From the school down the bottom.

I don't know why I went to a different school

But they picked on me

No-one to stick up for me

They kicked me on the floor

Pushed me

I got up, I walked away, I cried.

Now it's feelings of: 'Stop it!'

Those kids have gone off

I get up, a man now,

Angered and tempered

Don't let it carry on

Call the police, headmaster, teacher

Call everyone

Tell them: 'Sort it out!'