'My love is not real' by Alan Marshall

My love is not real

I can’t have the sort of love

I’d like it to be

The love is not strong enough for me

I’d like to go through friendship to love

But something stops it

the person I want to love

Stops it.

Because I am what I am,

A person with learning difficulties

They think I can’t love

I haven’t got it there,

But I have.

My love is deep like sudden flowers

I want the nice thoughts

Stroke the soft velvet of love

Wish they would smooth me

Share the same feelings

Make them feel the same as me

Pass the love message on.

But their love is not strong enough for me.

No returns.

I keep hold of my love but it’s hidden

It won’t move

It won’t go where I want it to go

She doesn’t need it.

No acceptance of my offer.

I grieve

The flower has no smell

It goes weak and I am lost.

It doesn’t mean anything to her or him.

It’s like your mother letting you down

It’s empty and you want to find something there

But there’s nothing.

Deep and hollow inside

You want to fill them with love

But they don’t want to share.