'Beasties' by Lyn Martin

I have to think what I’m doing

The computer makes me mad

Because I can't get through the levels on the games;

The beasties always win.

You put the cartridge in the games system

Turn the power on

And start the game off.

You fight all the beasties coming up on the screen

But one has claws and he grabs you and beats you up

And I have to start again

Not like the girl in hospital

Who screams and bangs the windows

She has a beastie after her

She lived in hospital most of her life

Kim, with a black briefcase that she held on to

That she wouldn't let go

Because it was precious to her

She didn't want to lose it

So she never put it down because they'd have taken it off her.

The nurses are the beasties

Locking her away in a room on her own

They took her tapes away, they stole her music

And her game is finished

There is no hope for her, not even safe inside her bag

Kim can never start her game again.