'Artist painting a picture of words: me' by Lyn Martin

My skin is light brown

My eyes are brown

And my inside colour is red

The blood flows through my veins

And they are blue

My heart is red

I feel it beating all the time

My thoughts are orange, pink, black, blue

To paint myself, I would mix brown

From black, yellow, blue, pink, purple

I’d mix the paint thick

I’d want it to show up and stand out

I want people to notice me

Because now they don’t take much notice

I think they don’t care about me

(They do care but I think they don’t)

And that is a black thought.

When people notice me

They make me feel happy

And I will paint that pink

My boy friend is an orange thought

Deep and one of my favourite colours

And when I think of my friend

It is like getting a house on fire

And that’s orange too

And blue feels like I’m in love

Lots of colours in my paintings

In all my life

There are paints and brushes

To make lots of pictures.