'Woman' by Sarah McGreevy

They treat me like a kid

I’m not very tall, tiny

I am a woman

Sometimes I feel like a little girl

I want to be a woman

When you’re a woman you get money

A baby

You get a man

A condom

A ring.

Ann, my sister, is a woman.

She’s got my niece;

A boyfriend: Chris is her man;

Money and a job.

A little girl has got a school or a day centre

I have a little bit of money

I have men

Alan, Paul, George, John Travolta.

I have no sex with Alan

I have sex with Paul

But Paul is not real he is in my head.

George is my friend

I’d like more sex.

John Travolta is a star, Saturday Night Fever.

He is a dream

But it’s not like Chris and Ann.

A man makes me feel like a woman

Day centres make me a little girl

With the things they do.

Feeling like a little girl

Makes me feel ill, mental.

There’s boys outside

I mean, men.

I mean boys

They’re sexy

They make me sad

They lie in bed with girls and kiss

They grow, they are men and women

I want that

But I’m not allowed.