'Mummy's boy' by Roy Tanner

In Mum’s time

I got sensible

She got me

A chair, writing pad and a pencil

They wouldn’t have me at school

So Mum taught me spelling

How do you spell home, pencil or church?

H-O-M-E spells home

Reading: a fruit book

Apples, raspberries, strawberries,

Put in a bowl with sugar

Learning the words she taught me to cook

Writing: print and double writing

She started with my name

My middle name

My family surname: Tanner.

I loved my Mum more than anyone else

I was my Mummy’s boy.

When my Mum died

There were two sisters sat on the wall

Near my house which was full of funeral flowers

They shouted out

‘Oh, you’re a bloody Mummy’s boy, a bloody Mummy’s boy’

I kept on walking, I never looked back.

The sisters tried to take my feelings away from me

All I felt for my mother

They took the person I was most proud of, my Mum,

And they took me,

Trying to spoil my love for her.

But no-one can do that.