'Upside down world' by Roy Tanner

I can think in my own mind

But it seems difficult for people to understand the way I am

I keep trying to understand people throughout my life

And I expect people to try and understand me

Communicate with me.

I can love and I am happy

But I can be sad as well

I stand up for my rights

The right to love

To be a person like me

I want the world to cherish me

It would be a much happier world

If people got on together

People to know me rather than to ignore me

Understand me not be ignorant of me

None of us should be put on the shelf or pushed aside

Because we are disabled

We are just as human as anyone else

We have rights to the world

To be human to have our own life

To have our own understanding

I’d like people to understand what’s wrong

With this upside down world

And the way it has kept us all apart.