'Loneliness' by Roy Tanner

I am lonely

With four great walls to look at

But they are only the walls of my living room

That have become thick because I have been there so long

Making the best of the house

That makes me feel like I’m in a cell

The same chair

I even know my way in the darkness

Up the stairs

The mirror from my mother’s wedding

That reminds me of when I was not lonely.

In Mum and Dad’s day

We had a blazing fire

We’d roast potatoes on a fork

And peeling onions

The walls were light green

Like fields and buttercups

The walls held us together

We were a family of love.

I look into that mirror now

And I hope to see Mum and the early days

When the years were early and I wasn’t lonely

But now it has gone

I can keep my love in my heart

But their love is sliding away.

I feel a barrier

I want freedom to move,

I feel people are talking me into a barrier

A wall is between me and the front door

I am in a room with no doors

A window at the top

That I can’t reach

It’s too high up

I keep climbing up

But they’re still dragging me down.

If I could break through the glass

There would be no more wars

I’d have my own property

Make my own decisions

I’d be free, I’d get away

I’d be released.