'Oh I know I was born beautiful' by Roy Tanner

Oh, I know I was born beautiful

Handsome on the inside

I know I have a handsome heart

I hope well made to last for me

It can give love and it can be given love

I am worth it

I am a person of sense, understanding, a listener

Who listens to understand,

Who keeps a clean nose.

I want people to understand me

But a lot of people do not listen

Because they do not want me to get on

They do not know or understand about my heart; my voice; my understanding.

They think I am a mummy’s boy

(my mother has long been gone)

They do not allow my masculinity

They do not see my beauty or understand my heart of gold.

I was born beautiful

But people forget your beauty

They do not see what you can do

They do not understand that we all have our own way.

But us, and I mean the thousands of other people who are disabled in this world,

Our rights are taken away

They want us for prisoners

Put away so as to make them

First class people

But they’re not first class and they’ve done so much wrong

Taking away our chances

They hide their beauty behind their backs

And threaten us; then of course, their beauty is lost

In the end they may say: "oh what have I done wrong

I shouldn’t have used them like that

They are beautiful and I didn’t see it."