'Sharing the stars - script' by art+power


Being turned into a dolly

Made me weak

I can’t answer back

I’m soft inside


She told me to wear clothes

That were not mine

Old clothes, out of this world

That put me back

Labelled me, disabled me.

Poor cheap, baggy clothes

Like from a jumble sale.


Dressing me like a rag doll.

No rights to choose

Fitting me to her ways

Making me out of this world.


I used to know a lady who lived by us

She wore lots of clothes

A big coat on a hot day

A big dark, brown, heavy coat


She wore baggy stockings

Falling down around her legs


People thought she was poor

People thought there was something wrong with her


That something had gone wrong in her head


People called her simple.

And I know names can hurt and harm

I saw her cry, she didn’t like walking down the road


She should dress as she wants

She should have her own choice

No-one should take another person’s pride

She was not a rag doll

She was dressed up like a princess

A princess to herself.

Brenda, Jacky, Mary: It’s our choice

Jacky: And it’s your choice.