'Tick tock tick tock' by art+power

Time to put things down on paper

With no interference

Silence and quiet

Even though we’re all together.

Time vanishes quick

Like a conjuring trick

A long time ago I was worse off

I used to think I was half a cabbage.

One day walking home after football

My boots strung around my neck

I said to my neighbour

"Do you think I’ll be going to a bad place?"

I didn’t know I would be creative

Get the pictures inside me

Out to share.

Other people say they like my words.

It’s important.

The things we can’t do alone

Like pieces of paper we can easily be torn

But as a group


We become strong and undestroyable

Like a book.

The power of support

Is a sense of belonging

Taking our own chances

Having our own time

Tick tock tick tock.

Putting our voices into poetry lines

Finding the right places for our feelings.


We are giving poetic evidence

Of what we understand of ourselves

And each other


In this month

In this year

In this world.