'A recipe for a good art + power worker' by art+power

The ingredients:

2lbs of patience that is a combination of people patience and patience with the organisation;

2lbs of understanding;

A tumbler full of kindness;

6lbs of common sense to know what needs to be done;

A gallon of knowledge, not too sweet, not too sour,

Just right:

The knowledge to want to learn from us, of knowing about our art to understand us.

6lbs of socialness;

10 pints of good humour;

6 ounces of listening and concentration on the person who’s talking;

10 gallons of more than listening, feeling how another person feels, sharing the feeling, lightening the load.

10 grams of support, to guide and back up the things we want to do in our own lives,

To help bring our ideas and thoughts out of our heads and into the open;

20 gallons of happiness;

22 grams of love for our work;

100 ounces of good communication that means we’re never ignored, not pointed in the wrong direction, that words don’t go in one ear and out the other;

100 percent of working together to stop workers being above us and telling us what to do.

6 spoonfuls of sharing our art, our time, our understandings;

A pinch of caring to finish the cake off.

How to make the cake:

Stir the ingredients together to make a mixture and then blend it with a person’s own style, own identity, own heart, own loyalty, expression, courage, sensibility, own mind, power and thoughts. Bake gently with trust forever.

And then we will have another friend.