'Group poem' by art+power

A poem is like the sound of bells in summertime.

When the wind is blowing to them

you can hear the chimes,

when the wind is blowing away

you can’t.

When a poem hits you

it’s like a sting

You can feel the vibration, the tension

from your hair to your tippytoes.

A poem is like half a moon

the shadowside

silhouetted parts of me

wax and wane

it changes

sometimes like a mirror’s reflection in a dark room

I find the faintest face.

A poem is like taking your first steps

into the open

after being shut in a small space

with walls coming in on you.

A poem is like a line drawing

of homelands

with so much detail

it gives clues

to what you want to do or say.

A poem is like peaches and ice cream

once you’ve swallowed it

you never forget the taste.