'It's like fighting a war' by art+power

It’s like a war fighting at the moment

A war over disabled people

Like the Spanish Armada

Telling us what to do

Pushing their oars in

Trying to row our boat

People going on and on and on

Telling us what to do

Taking control over us

Over-protective, interfering



Anchoring our boats

On the dark side of the harbour.

We want to be out on that sea

Making our ways in life

Not tied to the wall but sailing free.

We want to steer our own boat

We should all sail our own boats

But if you don’t fit in with people

You’re not up to their standard

We sail under a separate flag

Labelled and disabled.

So we don’t fit into the cruise liners

Floating hotels and royal yachts

Those powerful ships that steam ahead

That capsize our boats and make them sink

People only want to know what they want to know

They don’t want to know what we have to say

No-one should be all at sea, in a world of their own

We should all be part of the same crew

All people should be united together.