'Changing worlds' by art+power

When I was little, the world was tiny like a marble

(hot pants, trams, culottes, gym slips with tassels, teddybears, teddy boys, winklepickers, gobstoppers, bulls-eyes, sherbert dips, twisty blue salt packets, jacks, hopscotch, butterscotch)

My voice was like a music-box playing Greensleeves

Alas my love

Like a fledgling fallen out of the nest, like a music- box creaking out

Alas my love alas

But then we sang:

Stand on your own two feet and look ‘em in the eye!

Now the world comes together. We are as powerful

As a human heart crackling with the electricity of being

World changes

World stays the same

We change

We stay the same

One for All and All for One!

We are going on an amazing journey to a beautiful land.

This is the only chance we’ve got.

The crystal ball spins round and round and round:

where will I be, what will I do tomorrow?

I will be strong and proud.

I will be myself.

We will stick together:

One for All and All for One!

When I was little the world was like a marble: small, cold and hard

Now I am older: I hold the marble in my hand,

I see brightness, shadow, colours, possibilities

Who I am and where I stand.