'About us' by art+power


You get upset

Feeling sad

Why do people call people names?

I was choosed my name when I was a little girl: Jenny

Our Mum chose my name

Sometimes I am called Jenny doughnut

And Jenny penny

These are just nicknames

For a bit of fun

But sometimes name-calling can go too far

Like mental and backward

They don’t belong to us

We’ve got our own names

They’re our names

No-one else’s names

These names are right

And those other names are wrong

I was not christened backward

I was christened forward

They held me the right way

In their arms cuddled me

They hold you so you won’t fall

The water going over my head

For the christening cross

Giving the baby the facts of life

Putting a blanket over the child

Putting the child over the water

And saying my name

When we were small our parents chose our names

People can have the same names

But there can only be one of each

Before you was born

You could have been a boy or girl

When you are born

They choose your name then

The right name

And there is only one of you

And that makes you special

Who you are

All our different ways make us the world

But you shouldn’t be run down

Be made fun of

The way we are

The wrong names we are called

Is because of where we’ve been sent

Like centres and special schools

And hostels and Hortham Hospital

But that’s not who we are.