'Freedom' by art+power

Freedom is about getting feelings off my chest

Like the wind coming out of my mouth

Freedom has responsibilities

You have to give freedom to be free

You have to respect people’s privacy

Understand each other with give and take

Learn about each other

I don’t want people to put me down

Putting labels on me

Treating me like a baby

Not letting me do things

Holding me back from learning

There is no respect

And they try to tease me

Find the ways to get at me

Find out my weak spots

They see a hurt person

And they laugh at me

They don’t want to know me

They want to be boss over me

They enjoy the power

But already they sink.

We all have an awful lot to take in

To see what people mean to us

What do we want out of freedom?

I want understanding

I want to be listened to

I want my own strength

I want respect

We want our lives.