'Human beings have moved on' by art+power

Human beings have moved on

The big world moving round

Like a clock

Nothing stands still

The globe keeps turning like many busy roads

We have learnt shame

We hide our bodies now

We think we have moved on

But we have not, not a terrible lot

Of difference. The violence blows back in our faces

‘We won the war in 1944’

Should mean Victory parties in the street

But the claws of war catch in all human beings

We have the devils in us that need to fight the war.

Troubles ahead keep hitting you in the face

Anger, jealousy, temper twisting it round

People not knowing what they are doing

We say: I want that. They want what other people have got

Power and strength over others

No one gives up until they have won

No one wants to be the loser:

Who makes the bed we have to lie in?

You have made your own bed and you will have to lie in it.

You desert me, take your support away, put me down, make me weak

I want to take control of my own life, make my own decisions, so I can turn back

And learn from my own mistakes.

But who makes the bed I should make for myself?

The staff lay the sheets, stiff with Robin starch, I can’t move.

Families spread the quilt, keeping me warm, supporting me,

But then they butt in, too over protective, like a quilt in Summer

That I want to chuck off.

And my money, I can’t touch it, but my mother can, my brother can,

The staff do: my money is stuffed into someone else’s mattress.

The lorry man delivered my new bed but when I was born

The doctors, the nurses, the Council, the Government, the social workers, the world

Laid their rules and their attitudes on me: over and over and over me

Like layers of blankets

On a hard, tormented bed. They put bad words on me

Like a pillow pressed into my face by one hundred people

Smothering, suffocating, me

Felt like I’d never come out alive.