'Chalk and cheese' by art+power

We are as different as chalk and cheese

You with your ways, me with mine.

You take one attitude and I take another

I know you are different to me

You know I am different to you

My dad made cheese in the factory down at the dock

And your dad took chalk from the cliff

My dad cut cheese with wires

Your dad hammered and chiseled

To part the chalk from the rock

It is quiet making the cheese

Churning the milk, turning the wheel

And with the chalk dust and machinery

Cracking and blasting in the hills

Our dads are as different as chalk and cheese.

You are important, I am important

He is important, she is important

We are all of us important

And we do not want to be separated

Because the world would not be whole

We must respect each others differences

And bring our differences together

Because we are all as different as chalk and cheese.