'Shen Yuan' by art+power

Did you go to her house?

It was her place and I saw her slipper near where the hair fell out of the back of the sofa;

A culture of her world in a Chinese slipper

Like a Cinderella glass slipper, her life is changing from there to here and here to there.

A slipper full of nail clippings

Like grit in the shoe

That stops other people trying it on and walking away with it

Because the slipper is hers

She says to me: It’s my life, my slipper, my culture and the way I live.

Was she trying to say about the sea?

She said the sea was big and full of fish all colours

Her boat was battered from the long journey to a land of blue glass fish

And big sea-shells shaped like bowler hats

Worn by the big nobs who work in London.

Not an easy journey across two oceans of difference.

Is that an egg she is showing us?

A chocolate egg

Where all the pictures of the east melt into a country:

Hands together in greeting, tai chi and a Chinese burn,

A rickshaw and Chinese New Year

The Year of the Rat

Perhaps rice for her from the hot streets of Nanking

From the paddy fields of China

For me egg fried rice from the takeaway in Lawrence Weston

She’s from the east and I’m from the west

Our worlds meet when I see her art.