'When I was ten' by art+power

When I was ten

The children said:

You’ll never grow up

You will always stay the same

You’ll never get married

Cause you aint got the brains

I believed them at the time

I thought they were right

Because the specialist said the same

You will always be like this

And you’ll never, never change.

When I was small

I saw lots of doctors

They always looked tall

So you cricked your neck looking at them

They always seemed to be against you

White coats

Stethoscopes and masks

That put you off

That made you think

That you wouldn’t see your Mum again

That made you think

They were going to do something awful to you

And sometimes they came

More than one

Lots of them

Like ghosts in their white coats

I felt like it wasn’t fair

All those doctors just to see one little boy

And they all said

You can’t,

You can’t,

You can’t.