'Wotyasay? (narration)' by art+power

The humans held a gathering down at the harbour today. We used to live in trees but now no longer do. They raced sailing boats, played with their pups and rolled coloured balls down a steep hill.

Be nice to your children

Play marble games with them.

We’ve changed now, we are not apes anymore

We have different ways, human ways,

We have feelings

We can think about our actions.

When it is to squander the ignorance of pettifoggying damsels in leafy glades; swinging through oracles of green branches, singing...

The singing of the happy ones

We can’t be seen in the thick mist

But we cannot be ignored

Because the voices come through and are always there

"Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti," that’s what people talk; they shove big solid cast-iron pots of spaghetti around in front of them. The spaghetti sticks to you, trips you up. EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH SPAGHETTI! That is our slogan. Munch, crunch, slurp, yum yum...

Think of a skipping rope, it loops over

Like words going round in circles

The rope twisted up, winding round

Wrap it around the handle when you’ve finished

Finish with all those words, those damn labels,

Wrap them up, do not eat them,

You cannot, they taste horrible,

They are only fit for burning.

Jump in the snow

So jump in the snow

So jump, so jump, so jump in the snow

If you don’t jump you never will know

(If you don’t jump you never will know)

So jump, so jump, so jump -


Jump over heads and take action

If you are too careful you still can fall

Take the plunge!

Go for it!

And jump, jump, jump,

Go forward, out of the rut,

And up, and up, and up: