'Circles' by Carol Chilcott

It’s like being trapped in yourself,

You are being told not to do things,

It makes you feel alone,

Like a circle has been drawn round me,

A bad circle drawn by my parents.

It’s a circle you can’t break out of

You can’t see it,

It’s a circle made of telling you what to do.

It traps me.

I wish I was free to do what I want

The circle would disappear

It would go a way

It would break away

Because people would know

I have my own life to live

They wouldn’t tell me what to do

They’d know I’d make my own decisions.

I want my own place

My own things around me

My family to support me

Not to interfere and stop me

I want my freedom

A circle that’s a ring

A marriage ring

I’d be happy

Not treated like a child, a baby

But a woman, an adult

A human being.