'It's like this' by Brenda Cook

It’s like this

You feel you can’t have your privacy

You can’t get a drink when you want to

It is not like your own home

You feel you are being treated differently

You feel kind of hurt,

The landlady, staff, wardens, male and female nurses, specialists, sisters, heads of home

These people are over you

It’s because it is run differently from a family home

Now I go by the rules

I can’t get my own cup of tea

I can’t go across to the shops

I can’t go out on my own

I can’t have the nice things I would like

I’d like to shop, have my own money to spend

Choose what I like

I can’t even choose my own shoes

I can’t got to the picture house on my own

It is not what I would wish for

I would wish for my freedom.