'Never go back to the bad times' by Brenda Cook

When I was at home the landlady in my house gave me a very bad time

She stopped me going to the Centre that I wanted to go to

She made me go to other Centres

She thought I needed a change

She made the choice for me

But she didn’t ask me what I thought about it

She said if I didn’t do what she wanted

I would not be able to stay in my house

I only want to live in my house

But she took away my pride

And all that meant a lot to me

I have a nice room

It is my private room

It is mine

I don’t want to start all over again

I’m coming on for 63, I want to be settled and happy

I don’t want to move again

People having to get to know me

Me having to slot in

She needn’t frighten me out of my own things

Shouldn’t people treat you with respect?

Not push you?

You ... for you...should be in your time

To bring things out when you are ready

If you are pushed it pushes you back rather than forward

That’s what happens when people push you too hard

Other people should learn from me

To find out about me.

We must not live for the past,

Going back because it’s easier

The old ways of treating disabled people

We must move to the future

Not going round the wrong way

Taking the wrong turning

You never, never know when it’s going to strike again

It’s always there waiting round the corner

She chooses for me

Like people in the past chose for me

No more bad attitudes

We must all move on together.