'Kayleigh's dream' by Brenda Cook

In Chinatown they’ve got lovely villages

Clean, tidy buildings, set back from the roads.

Great big buildings, pointed like corners,

Slanted on the edge.

There’s red, yellow and green,

There are tall, pointed trees, lovely shapes.

Kayleigh feels excited going there,

It started off with the book about Aladdin,

And his rich uncle, taking him to China.

She looks around the stalls in the markets

Looking at the clothes, green and yellow,

Smooth, smart,

Square hats with a tassel on the top,

With a tie underneath.

Mandarin collars, loose coats.

She can hear the music,


She wants to go where the music is.

She remembers the new friend she has met,

The different money and the palace

She always wanted to be in

She had her wish.