'Barriers: knock down the walls' by Brenda Cook

Knock down the wall

There’s people on one side

And people on the other

The wall is between them

The wall blocks people off

We can’t see each other

A wall can stop you doing things you like to do

Like jobs, like schools, like your own home

Like children and marriage

I feel sometimes I haven’t been trusted

People feel I can’t cope

A wall is there to ignore us

We must make people understand

They must wake up and see what’s around them

It will be like freedom

People will come to terms with their ignorance

They have to face what they have been ignoring

The world would be a happier place

Everyone would know each other

And people would see their wrong knowledge

And they would put it right

I really would love to be around to see that happen

I don’t know how true it will ever be

But I’d just love to see it happen.