'Carry on catering... no thank you!' by Richard Edwards

A café for training disabled people

To put them into work

Trying to teach them catering

To work out in the world

He is being trained

To put cake mix in the big machine

But he didn't put the lid on properly

And as the machine gathered speed

Making a sound like a siren

From World War II

The cake mix exploded all over the ceiling, the floor...

All over the place

People covering their heads

Running to the air-raid shelter to be safe

From exploding chocolate bombs

Picking up the rubble afterwards

The man thought: what the hell am I doing here?

I shouldn't be in café work

Its not my scene

But he had no choice; it's what the centre manager wanted

Round them up, herd them into catering

People who are labelled learning difficulties

But they might cause air strikes in the kitchen

They might hide ticky bombs

In the flour bin

The staff might have to give out gas masks.

But this man doesn't want war

He wants to be an artist

He wants peace.

He wants choice.

He wants rights.

He wants respect.