'A dance through all the years, poem' by Richard Edwards

A dance through all the years

Dance through laughter and crying

Happy times, sad times, hard times, bad

When you are born the dance starts

It finishes when you’re gone and die

And then they say the dance ends

I don’t know if the dance goes on from there

Our dance is all the journeys we make

Sometimes you don’t know which way to turn

Life is all sorts of tunes

We create the music of life

In our heads

We dream the music

The music is mine

And I share it with other people

And in the dream they share their music with me

When we are in love

We share our music

We dance the same dance together

And when we go we hear our own music

Fading out

Fading out

And then, if you believe it,

There will be a new music for me

And the dance starts again.