'The crying moon' by Richard Edwards

First time I ever saw your face

You were five years older than me

You were seven and I was two

That didn’t matter because we loved each other

I’ll never forget the smile on your face

And your blue eyes

We did so much in eight years

We knew each other

We argued together, we made up

We cried together

We laughed together

We got up to mischief

He sang to me

You’ll never walk alone

We used to sing at night

And the moon sang with us

In the sky, smiling like a banana.

But all of a sudden you got ill

It broke your heart to see you so weak

The moon cried with me.

Once was a singing moon

Now becomes a crying moon.

The night he died I looked through the window

I saw the beautiful light of the moon

Like a spirit tunnel

I could see you floating up

Until your body was only a shell

His body like a sack of potatoes

Thrown onto the trolley:

We’ll always be together

The moon cries with me

The moon remembers

The people I loved dearly, the people I have lost

But its not the same moon,

The one that died when I was ten.