'The first time ever' by Richard Edwards

The first time I ever went to the seaside

There were trams, cafés and funfairs.

And elderly couples

Holding hands together walking along the beach

There was one couple I watched

The man tall, balding, grey trousers, blue jumper

The woman in a beautiful flowery dress.

It was the place but I can’t remember the name.

Isn’t it what you remember?

What you see?

I thought about love

Their understanding of each other

They were together

They were strong

They had the power.

It was the first time I saw love.

My father hit my mum about

I’d not seen love

With my foster parents I didn’t see much

I think they hid it away

That elderly couple

They’d been in love for years

I’m certain of this

Because I felt I knew them in my last life

I’ve met them in this life

I think I will see them in my next life

Because they’re lovers, they are love.