'Ignorance' by Richard Edwards

Ignorance is like a person

bound up in cobwebs.

Sometimes, parents, carers, institutions

Think they already know

What your daily-daily life is

and they don’t want to hear,

see or feel

what you are capable of

so they wrap you up in cobwebs

like a cushion.

They make choices sound dangerous

like a tarantula might come and grab you.

Through art and poetry

We can change some people,

But it has to be done gradually.

Start from the bottom

delicately pinch each thread

with two fingers and a thumb

the way you might hold a pen

and gently introduce them

to choice.

Inside the web

Lies a great artist

but he cannot see the world

through anything but gossamer

because he has never

been allowed his own thoughts

to see the world

without a veil.

So, we are going to introduce

Choice; dignity

through a sticky silence

into a free world

where poetry, drama, music

and art make a map

and open-up pathways

tear down fences

and find a new direction

where he can run.