'Laryngitus' by Jacky Long

It’s tightening up inside me

I can say nothing

No voice.

I am in a room with my mum and dad

and I am stuck in the middle

I have shouted at them millions of times

But they don’t listen

Not half the time, no they don’t.

So my throat goes sore,

My voice-box goes,

My voice breaks

And I can’t talk any more.

Oh I try to talk

But nothing comes out

Because no-one listens.

There is a sort of laryngitis for me

When I am trying to talk but giving up

Because no-one listens

They make their ears go deaf.

It would be a different kettle of fish

If I had my own freedom

I’d do everything I always wanted to do

My voice would come back

I’d talk I’d sing like an opera

With a big voice right out loud

I’d sing higher than I do now

My notes would hit the roof

No-one would be deaf to my voice

They would know and they would listen.