'My life' by Jacky Long

Who am I?

I’m Jacky Long

I’m different to everyone else

We’re all different:

I am me.

I’ve got different ways of doing things to you

Different ways of showing people what I can do

I want to do the things I’ve never done

But people don’t know who I am

They don’t know me

They are wrapped up in their own worlds.

I need to tell them

I have ambition

And that ambition is all inside me


I want to choose the people I’m with

I want children in my life

I want to have my own place

And I want it to happen

I want it to be.

I want to push myself to live my own life

I don’t want people to stop me

To rule me.

They say I’m still a baby

They say I haven’t got sense

Sense that I have got

This life now is about people trying to stop me

From having my ambitions

But I am going to put my foot forward

Take my path in life

I’ll not be stuck in the rut

That other people have put me in

That stops me being me.