'It's a dog's life' by Jacky Long

It’s a dog’s life

Sometimes nothing works out right

Things don’t go how I want them to go

How I want them to be

People start on me, winding me up

Like a clock with an overloaded spring

I scream sometimes

You wouldn’t want to know the words I use.

I can go fronic

I just let it all out.

I explode like a gun except I shoot words

Horrible language to show people up

Like I’ve never used before.

I try to curb myself before my blood pressure goes up

I think it’s going to be danger point all the time

Danger like death

Like an unexploded bomb

When I explode I can cause other explosions

Which are sometimes silent

Where you can cut the atmosphere with a knife

People do not speak to me.

I am letting out all my frustrations

I am telling people what I want to do in my life

Not what they want me to do

When they boss me I do the opposite

I want to do things my way

So I’m standing-up for myself

Overboiling my red anger into the open;

Here is my brightly coloured strength

This is my own life.