'Faustus' study, rehearsal sketch' by Carol Chilcott

In the study. This drawing may have been made during earlier rehearsals of Faustus, where we clearly wanted to represent good and evil using two of Faustus’ colleagues. We refined these over time but initially we rehearsed ‘evil’ tempting Faustus, with ‘good’ trying to get Faustus to leave black magic alone. Carol has included a lot of detail of what was on Faustus’ desk in this drawing: the candle, the snuffer, the matches, ink well, pen and book. I don’t think these details changed throughout rehearsals, except at the very beginning when a barrier of books was built on Faustus’ desk. This became impractical but Carol uses many of her drawings to suggest where books could be placed within our set.

Jane Sallis

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