'Don't study those books, rehearsal sketch' by Carol Chilcott

This is one of the times in the story (it happens twice) when Faustus is approached by a colleague and warned that studying magic is dangerous and that he should think of better things. In this picture Carol is adding her own ideas about libraries and the shelves of books behind Faustus’ desk. Carol had lots of ideas about where and how we could place books for the play. We wanted to use Carol’s ideas but obviously we had to place books on stage very carefully; we needed to consider space and safety, we chose two bookshelves on castors, in the main filled with real books, that could be removed to the side of the stage or wheeled centre stage when needed. We used polystyrene rows of books on the revolve, under the desk and the suspended over the stage and on the balcony above the stage.

Jane Sallis

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