'The Pope's feast, rehearsal sketch' by Carol Chilcott

The Pope’s feast. This drawing is not specific to the action of Faustus as demonstrated in rehearsals. Carol is using her imagination to make a study of religious men celebrating St Peter’s day. The religious men all wear mitres and there are lots of symbols of the cross. In the play we had a pope who wore elaborate costume, including a mitre. The other religious men were monks in black tabards with rope belts. Carol has also embellished the back of the pope’s/devil’s chair with a cross. We thought it was important not to use too many religious symbols in our interpretation of Faustus, we wanted to focus more on good and evil in human beings, rather than God and the Devil. We did demonstrate religious behaviour in this scene, e.g. hands together in prayer, the sound of praying (rather than prayer), we also used a big red cross on the floor as a means of guiding the revolve into its proper position and helping members of the Company find their places on stage, this was permanently in place throughout the play.

Jane Sallis

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