'The magic circle, rehearsal sketch' by Carol Chilcott

The Magic Circle: In this drawing, Carol incorporates her own ideas, what the players have talked about in discussion, the rehearsals for this scene and elements of a frontpiece from one of the first editions of Marlowe’s ‘Doctor Faustus’, an engraving of Faustus standing in the Magic Circle. Carol and another artist, Roy Tanner, took the symbols used in this engraving and reproduced them using white paint on black paper for the making of the magic circle in our interpretation. We never used the appearance of a devil or devils when Faustus invokes the Devil using the magic circle. Instead we used two mirrors in our interpretation, all that Faustus sees is himself. Again, I think Carol is showing those reflections not so much as Faustus but as representations of the evil that is in Faustus or the devil he wishes to become. It is fascinating that in the middle of the circle where Faustus stands to call up the devil, Carol places another devil image as being central to the action, story and Faustus’ desires.

Jane Sallis

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